Beady Eye Art

Beady Eye Artist,Steve Williams at work

Beady Eye Art’s online art gallery loves these wonderful works by York based artist Steve Williams. Bringing vibrancy and colour into our lives, which is much needed after the long winter months.

Steve uses bold, bright colours to bring to life scenes of the Yorkshire coast and Yorkshire countryside into his largely abstract paintings, where he has been living for the last 12 years.

His colourful paintings are instinctive and explore an emotional response to his subject matter and develop as a result of as a result of his mood or subconscious mind-set. They stem from an original idea, scene or situation and then come together of their own accord. In his work he infuses energy, colour and texture. As he works spontaneously the energy is captured for the viewer to see and experience for themselves in all of his works.

Steve comments “Nature is my inspiration and painting my therapy. A great deal of my energy and emotion goes into each piece. The colours, textures and marks are spontaneous and I need to work in this way in order to obtain my relationship with the subject. It is of huge importance to me that people feel that they can connect with my work, this inspires me as much as my subject matter.’

Steve is definite ‘one to watch’ and has already been snapped up by one of the North Yorkshire’s favourite Michelin starred restaurants.

Why not take a look at some more of Steve’s work. Click here to see original paintings that are only available to buy from Beady Eye Art.