Sarah Sharpe

About Sarah Sharpe

Sheffield based artist Sarah is inspired by the landscape of the inner human condition and what makes us who we are. She draws in old and new stories for her work; sometimes poetry and folklore, but also stories of the here and now. She is drawn to those who engage with their inner world and favour the imaginative, as opposed to the literal image.

She works primarily in media such as intaglio etching, paint and stitch. Fascinated by the ancient almost meditative process of etching it lends itself to the small delicate images she produces. Whilst she uses slow drying acrylics for her painted works and seals them with a beeswax varnish to add a warm sheen and tactile feel.

Sarah’s work has been exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and in 2014 she was awarded the highly acclaimed ‘Trustees Prize’ for the best in the show at The Great Northern Art Show.

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