Beady Eye Art - Susan Burgess

We love the new works by Derbyshire based landscape and still life artist Susan Burgess and are delighted to be able to show four fabulous new pieces. Susan has been working with Beady Eye Art since we started and it has been a wonderful privilege to see how Susan’s work has evolved over the last few years from her still life oil paintings to landscapes and seascapes.

She heavily textures her work, and mainly works in oils, working in strong bold colour that provides depth to the viewer and allows us to be transported to another world. We are particularly drawn to the scale and boldness of Susan’s work and can fully appreciate that each piece can take many months to complete.

Susan has been involved in colour and design throughout her adult life and this shows not only in her work but in how she approaches life with aesthetics at the core of her beautiful Derbyshire country cottage.

Susan’s inspiration comes from many subjects but with a particular love of landscapes drawn from her time living in Cornwall and now Derbyshire. Our particular favourite is ‘Autumn Evening in the Peaks’ – what better way to celebrate the onset of autumn. Click here to see more of Susan’s work